Our Story:

One day, we woke up tired, overwhelmed and not able to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

So we decided to make a change.

We wanted to live lives that were balanced, fulfilled and joy-driven.

And that is how Dream Joy was born. 

Our Mission:

Bring joy to the center of people’s lives. 

Our Vision:

Build a global ecosystem of people who support, empower and hold each other accountable to drive commerce, make meaningful connections and build community to enhance their overall well-being together. 

Our Purpose:

Bond like-minded people to live in the abundance of joy.

Our Method:

Be the place for people to make connections, build community and drive commerce through authentic conversations about shared difficulties, desires and dreams.

Our Community:

Built by people who understand what life is like when joy isn’t a focus and created to be open to all who want to find out what happens when it is.

We welcome you to Join.

Our Producer:

C & D | The Agency, founded in 2020, is an all women-led management agency that provides Marketing, Branding, Public & Media Relations services along with Project, Talent and Operations Management specializing in Business and Entertainment. Our mission is to empower, mentor and lead businesswomen to collaborate together and increase opportunity for minority women. We are dedicated to building brands and campaigns that are rooted in meaningful initiatives especially within the African-American and Multicultural communities. C&D is widening its reach to impact more women’s lives by producing all of Dream Joy’s Connections.

Our Foundation:

We would love to partner with you on our Dream Joy community and initiatives through our 501c3 nonprofit, Dream Joy Foundation. We are dedicated to raising awareness about the global epidemic of loneliness impacting our health and well-being, especially for women & minority communities. Our mission is to bring joy to the center of people’s lives through meaningful social connections, authentic conversations and shared resources & network in our ecosystem.